Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Today is the 30 day mark.  It is difficult to fathom that in just one month I’ll be boarding a plane to go live halfway across the world.  I am still working but I can say that I am ready to be done.  If I could afford to take the next month off before I leave I definitely would.  You have no idea how much I am looking forward to teaching an older group of children. It is just in my grasp!

The 30 day mark also happens to be my birthday.  My golden birthday.  Turning the big 2-5 on the 25th.  I guess this has no real significance but people don’t usually realize that they’ve had their golden birthday until it’s over.  Really, who will ever remember that they turned 3 on the 3rd?!  It’s cool, come on give me that.

My birthday will include:

Having the day off of work.  No little kids giving me a migraine today!  A large thank you to my boss!!

Going to Verizon.  What the heck do I do with my iPhone in Thailand?!  I feel that I need it there for the trips I take.  How do I let my parents know that I am alive and well in Laos if I can’t send them a Facebook message from the random restaurant’s wifi?! And I’ll still want some access to Instagram and Twitter.  Time to get some answers.

Fundraising.  The ideas of places to go for donations keep coming.  If you or someone you know think you may have something to donate, feel free to contact me!!  I still cannot thank the restaurants and businesses enough for all of their kindness and generosity.

Pampering.  I’m getting my hair did.  Dead ends need to be outta here for the wedding next week.  Speaking of wedding and hair, I guess I can add picking out a wedding-do to my list.

Picking up bridesmaid dress.  All the tailor had to do was shorten it.  I cross my fingers that it is cheap-ish and perfect.  Countdown to wedding: 9 days.

Bombers.  I think I would have been able to do the teacup, boot, and margarita 3 years ago, but on a Wednesday night, I’m going to stick with my favorite.  One birthday margarita for me please! And dinner with some great friends of course!!

Lionheart.  What would my birthday be without a couple of drinks at my favorite place in Albany?! (Yes I have to work tomorrow, so let’s cut me off sooner rather than later!)

So, I’ve been thinking about 25 a little bit lately.  Most of my friends are single, doing well in their jobs, and have no intention of buying houses or making any big purchases anytime soon (except for a select couple who happens to be getting married next week!).  It used to be so un-typical for this to be happening at this age, but now I know nothing different.  It freaks me out a little bit that at 25 I am packing up and starting over completely, but this opportunity will open so many doors for me when I return.  Moving to Thailand is not typical at all, and although sometimes I think it is a way to “stall” growing up, this is actually an extremely grown up move on my part.  It sounds super cliché of a twenty something year old who is traveling the world, but I think my journey to Thailand is for just that: soul-searching and growing up.  How could I not in this situation?

When I get back, I picture myself saving money living at home.  I will nanny until I get hired as a 6th grade social studies teacher in Boston, where I will move next August.  Or, if that scenario doesn’t work out (it likely won’t), there are plenty more that could unfold.  I may come back not even wanting to teach anymore.  Or I may want to move down south.  Or I may keep traveling overseas.  It will be an experience getting to start from scratch, but it doesn’t make sense to go crazy over it just yet.

In perfect timing for my birthday, I saw an article floating around Facebook from a blog on wordpress and here is a little take-me-home from it that fits nicely with whole turning 25 thing:

but what I really mean to say is that I hope you aren’t held back because of a number. and that you don’t rush into things because it feels like time is slipping by. I hope you do what’s right for you.  hold on. slow down. and breathe in. your age is your age. but more importantly, your life is your life. don’t change your journey so that it matches someone else's. we need to walk different paths so the whole world can be explored. revel in the differences. and enjoy where you are.

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