Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Backpacking pros:

-Time to read new books. I can't wait to read Gone Girl! (After two pages) Oh whoops I already read it.

-Running into old friends along the way. Being reunited requires a celebratory drink, right?

-Meeting new friends. 

-Doing things people dream about. Scuba diving in Cambodia, biking Angkor Wat, crawling through Vietcong tunnels, and kayaking in Ha Long Bay.

-Seeing so many of these places in a small amount of time. All of the above done in 20 days.

-Whether it was pointing us in the right direction, taking us somewhere, or helping with a problem, I've met far more good people than bad.

-Little to no shopping. Tell me I can't buy this because I can't fit it in my bag.

-You gain independence.

-Make your own schedule. Eat, sleep, and sight see at your own flexible pace.

-Time to grow. Traveling gives you heaps of time to think, to reflect, and to learn about yourself. You grow in a way you might not even realize and you learn how much you are capable of achieving.

Backpacking cons:

-Dorm life (if on a budget). In my opinion, dorms are okay for a weekend, but staying in dorms consecutively makes you miss your own space. Forewarning to strangers: I'm waking up at 5 AM so I'm apologizing ahead of time if I wake you up.

-Safety and security. Stop it right now, my laptop is gone.

-Transportation. You just cannot control it. If I was driving I'd be there in 2 hours not 4.5.

-People try to take advantage of the tourist, but that happens on any vacation I suppose.

-Backpacks are heavy.

-Chances are you'll be on a constant budget. Should we really have a beer or do we want to eat breakfast in the morning?

-Clothes are worn again and again and you have limited choice in clothing, especially if you are traveling for a long period of time.

-You will unpack and repack every day. Of course the shirt I want to wear is at the bottom of my backpack.

-What kind of bathroom will you end up with? Guys!!!! We have toilet paper!!!!

-Currency change in each country. I just got 4,000,000 dong! What, I'm not a millionaire?

Backpacking may not be for everyone, but it is something I suggest to do at some point if the time and funds are found. These points are completely biased on my experiences, but I believe they are general positives and negatives that come with the territory. Happy travels!

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